How we are fighting COVID-19
Committed to getting PPE delivered to the health industry

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  • Laboratory equipment

    Laboratory equipment

    AOI provides access to mission-critical product and service

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  • Industrial tools

    Industrial tools

    We aim to become THE trusted source for your industrial

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  • Cleaning and sanitation

    Cleaning and sanitation

    Offering a range of top quality janitorial and professional

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  • Personal protective equipment

    Personal protective equipment

    Grounded in the belief that safety is the highest priority

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  • Office suppliers and stationery

    Office suppliers and stationery

    The company has grown to service clients all over the world.

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AOI Enterprise is a market-leading company with a strong culture of teamwork. This comes with a set of cure values which help us deliver the customer experience that we pride ourselves on. We invest heavily in the recruitment, training and development of talented staff who can demonstrate motivation, enthusiasm and a positive
work ethic

  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • International operations
  • Vibrant and dynamic environment
  • Socially responsible environment


Diverse teams better reflect the diverse nature of our clients’. This allows us to express different viewpoints and make well-rounded perspectives that drive innovative thinking.

We continuously conduct assessments to determine how we can = to move forward with our diversity and inclusion efforts.

Working to achieve diverse and inclusive environments has numerous demonstrated benefits, including

  • Diversity
  • Sustainability