Our Values are the cultural glue of our company, the values we hold are a core element of our Framework. At AOI, how we supply is just as crucial as how we work, treating our peers with the utmost respect. We are guided by values chosen by the very people who embody them.


We work extremely hard to familiarize ourselves with our clientele and really understand their needs. That lets us use our expertise to help them in the right way at the right time. Being simple and pragmatic, we believe in solutions over talk.


Acting with integrity, we ensure that we do what is right. Our values start with each person as an individual. Respect is a big factor in our daily interactions. Not only do we feel that it’s important to respect our production/clients, but also one and other within the company. All employees at AOI are listened to thoroughly and valued for their individuality.


We strive to maintain our reputation for reliability, taking pride in our work and ensuring the services we deliver are completely reliable. Everyone at AOI feels responsible for the collective success of our global team, and at the same time, taking accountability for all actions.