Personal protective equipment

Grounded in the belief that safety is the highest priority, today’s safety equipment manufacturer must factor in a worker’s need for self-expression and social identity on the job. High-end, comfort-fit designs and a variety of colours and styles meet the needs of workers to express themselves while ensuring they conform to PPE standards.

Today, AOI offers a full lineup of personal protective equipment ranging from hand and eye protection to safety wear, head protection, ice traction, accessories and more. With decades of combined safety experience and a proactive, knowledgeable sales team, AOI is a major player in the safety industry that continues to flex and adapt to changing markets and distributor needs.

As we strive for constant innovation and product expansion, we become for effective in providing a variety of solutions for our current clients. By developing strategic alliances with carefully selected suppliers, we offer the best value in PPE products without comprising the steadfast quality and consistency you expect.